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Curry Kit - Reviews

Check out the great reviews we have been receiving from our friends....

  • Sonny and Luca
    "The resulting curry was every bit as wonderful as it smelt"
  • Hazel Jane
    "I honestly will be buying these kits again – it’s so so easy"
  • Suburban Mum
    "The result? One delicious Murgh Makhani which we all polished off rather quickly"
  • You Baby Me Mummy
    "After an agonising hour of smelling the aromas emanating from the kitchen, the lamb was tender and I could tuck in"
  • Daddy Camo
    " time I’m staying in and I’m making HARI GHOTRA."
  • Chapter and Circle
    " could taste so many different flavours in each mouthful. I’ll definitely be adding these to our grocery shop again"
  • Food Glorious Food
    "We both had seconds and could easily have gone up for thirds"
  • The Thing About Chaos
    "And the result? One seriously tasty curry"
  • Spade Fork Spoon
    "They certainly make it easy to turn a glut into a tasty, spicy treat"
  • Sophies Suitcase
    "To see and be a part of a real food evolution is quite amazing… doesn’t taste half bad either"